Geraldine O Sullivan is Kerry Volunteer Centre's Manager.

Geraldine is responsible for implementing Kerry Volunteer Centre's strategic plan and the company's QCI (continious quality improvement plan).  She acts as the Garda Vetting Liasion Officer and delivers all of Kerry Volunteer Centre's training, mentoring and consultancy service. Geraldine's a busy lady who is enthusiastic about the difference that Volunteering makes to local people and everyday living in Kerry. Email her at

Linda McCarthy is Kerry Volunteer Centre's Placement Officer.

Linda administers the delivery of the Placement Service and the Placement Team. It's role is to enable people to make discerned Volunteering choices, support members of the public to become Volunteers, liaise with organisations to develop volunteer opportunities and support organisations volunteer recruitment campaigns. Linda is from Tralee and enjoys regular beach walks and yoga. Email her at

Carmel Daly is the Garda Vetting Clerk and a member of the Placement Team.

Carmel's role involves supporting Organisations to avail of the Garda Vetting Service, working with member of the public to encourage them to consider Volunteering and to avail of Kerry Volunteer Centre's Placement Service. Carmel is from Firies and has a keen interest in golf and bridge. Email her at

Mary Murphy is Kerry Volunteer Centre's Blogger.

Mary’s role centres on writing blogs and news release for Kerry Volunteer Centre. Through her work she shines a spotlight on local volunteers, highlights the services available locally from voluntary groups, increases public awareness of volunteering opportunities and encourages the public to value volunteering. Mary is from Killarney and enjoys socialising, meeting new people, travel, literature and getting out and about in the beautiful National Park. Email her at

Margaret Lynch is Kerry Volunteer Centre's Information Officer.

Margaret's role centers on our providing information on the Charities Registration Hub and about  the Volunteer Centre through our Facebook page to stimulate interest in volunteering, to increase awareness of Kerry Volunteer Centre and to promote local volunteering opportunities. Margaret is from Tralee and enjoys travelling to see new places. Email her at